CC5Star's  Guarantee
Our little ANGELS will arrive at their New Forever Homes with a 1 year health guarantee
against any life threatening, congenital defect. Each puppy will have a Vet exam prior to
leaving here, shots will be up to date, we only use Duramune
5 way vaccinations started at     
9 wks of age and given 3 wks apart until a series of 3 boosters have been given. Never take
your puppy any places where other puppies might have been until
ALL the series of puppy
shots have been given (
Pet Stores, Groomers, Parks,etc.)after 3 boosters have been given
your puppy will
NOT need another booster until 1 yr of age.   I do NOT start my shots at an
early age, (before 8 wks old) Early shots are wasted shots and just add chemicals to your
babies body...Babies get natural immunity from their moms first milk.(colostrum)                  
At 1yr. of age a "Titer test" can be done to see if a booster is needed.  I believe puppies/dogs
are being
Over vaccinated.  My little Angels have been  de-wormed with ivermectin and
pre-spoiled from Birth! We strive in all measures to maintain the Healthiest Babies, from our
Family to Yours.

If at anytime within the first year your little ANGEL developes any life threatening condition,
we will replace your baby of the same value. We do not refund money..I am proud to say that
we have never had any disappointed new families!!!   A written guarantee will accompany
each puppy along with Shot records,Registration Papers, Vet exam, Health certificate and
Feeding instructions.

After the puppy leaves here, it does not leave our HEARTS and remains an important part of
our family forever, I will always be here for any questions you might have in the years to
come! You have adopted a Wonderful little ANGEL and me!

Our little ANGEL'S also arrive at their New Forever Homes with their favorite toys,food, we
Victor Dog Food, this is left out for them 24/7, Never take the food away from your
puppy. It is very
Important that a small puppy does not miss a meal, sometimes they only
nibble alittle bite at a time, but will do it often. When teething they sometimes seem to be
alittle picky, so I add a alittle spoonful of yogurt on the side :) and sometimes soak the dry
food in warm water to soften it.
Remember a small puppy can burn up calories very fast from
playing or any kind of stress (such as shots,baths,etc)...This is WHY food needs to be out at
all times. You can check your puppies gums to see if your puppy is needing extra calories...if
the gums look pale, not pink..your puppy needs more calories (yogurt, nutrical, etc)

Victor Premium Dog Food, "Beef and Brown Rice" all life stages formula
( Dick Van Patton's "Natural Balance" (this comes in several flavors)
all our Angels, I find these to be excellent dog foods,Diatomaceous Earth along with many
other important
Vitamins & Minerals are in this food and it has NO corn, NO wheat, NO Soy,
NO Gluten, also the Protein amounts are not as high as some foods....IMO, I think it is best
to feed
Yorkie's & Mi-ki's a food with protein no higher than 24% but not less than 18%...Most
all small dogs Do Not need a food with High Protein.


We have many references and pictures of babies that were adopted over the years and we
will continue to do our best in finding our ANGEL'S their perfect Forever Home.
Please !!!!  Never let you little Angel play with FROGS !!!
Frogs secret  a poison that can cause swelling in  thier mouth     
          which will cause your little Angel to smother
Mi-Ki puppy
Mi-Ki puppy
Mi-Ki puppy