Hello, I am Cathy.   Yorkies have been a part of my Families life
for many years.  We call them our babies for they are family. All
our Yorkies are in full coat and live in our homes, my mama, my
daughter and myself do all the grooming.

The Yorkie is one of the most delightful breeds to have.  The
Yorkshire Terrier had its beginning as a breed in Yorkshire,
Manchester, and in the northern part of England.  In 1872 the
Yorkie was introduced into the United States, and was recognized
by the AKC in 1878.  It wasn’t until the late 1930’s that the Yorkie
took the look of today.  The Yorkshire Terrier up until the 1930’s
usually weighed around 30 pounds. Yorkshire Terriers today are
small usually 3 to 7 pounds.  

Yorkies are  glamorous dogs which compete in Toy Groups.  To
show the Yorkie, it is very specialized and time consuming.  To
grow the Yorkie coat, and prepare it for show competition is not
easy.  This is for the really dedicated enthusiasts. To see a Yorkie
in a AKC Show is the most Beauty the eye can behold....The soft
flow of the glistening hair, the graceful movement and the Proud
Handler for the many many hours of constant care and grooming
to achieve this...They have my Total Respect.......

The Yorkie is one of the most delightful breeds to have, and isn’t
unusual for people to have two.  Never think of the Yorkie as a
timid little lap dog.  The Yorkie was bred to hunt.  It is charming
and very intelligent; even though it is small in size it is full of
courage and affection.  These dogs think they are much bigger
than they are.  They will defend their
 All my adult Angels are dual registered ....AKC and APRI...
The Standard of a Yorkshire Terrier is the                   
same regardless of the registery. (AKC,APRI,IABCA)

Information about Americas Pet Registery Inc. (APRI)                                                                                   
To dual register with APRI you must submit a copy of the current
registery and a pedigree.                                                             
To show in a APRI Dog Show you must have a current health
certificate, DNA, & MicroChiped , This # will be on the entry form.  
All Dogs and Bitches will be scanned before entering the showring
(thus proof of the correct dog or bitch being shown) AKC  does not
require any of this in their shows.                   APRI Judges each
indvidually to the Standard of the Breed, thus no competition  with
the ones in the same ring.                             The length of the
coat, the many hours spent wrapping it, hours that the Yorkie is
not allowed to romp and play has nothing to do with the offspring's
they will produce.......(points are deducted if coat is to short)
APRI Judges put more concern on the conformation, bone  
structure, coat texture and color..not whether the coat is
beautifully dragging the floor. Therefore you can show your
Beautiful Angel and they can still have fun running thru the grass,
laying on the couch beside you, and walking across your carpet! I
want my little Angels to be handled by Judges to be sure I am
breeding to the Standard of the Breed but I also want them to have
a Fun Happy Life of Playing....... The coat must be of some
length, well groomed, correct color and texture, and clean to show
with APRI....In Breeding the health, conformation, bone structure,
coat texture and the temperament is what is important in the
puppies they will produce, not whether they lived their lives with
their hair wrapped, never rolling in the grass, etc.
All Judges go by the same Standards
My mom and I attend many AKC shows, I have shown in several
of them.....I also know many of the handler/breeders.